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Automated Visual Perimetry Test Machine 240V Medical Examination Equipment

Automated Visual Perimetry Test Machine 240V Medical Examination Equipment

Visual Perimetry Test Machine

240V Perimetry Test Machine

Medical Examination Perimetry Test Machine

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Product Details
Product Name:
Set A Variety Of Characteristics In One Perimetry Test Machine
Protection Against Electrical Shock.:
Class I
Degree Of Protection Against An Electric Shock Of Applied Part:
Type B
100-240V HZ:50-60Hz
Testing Scope:
Testing Distance:
Set A Variety Of Characteristics In One
Degree Of Protection Against Ingress Of Liquids:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
412mm(length)* 497mm(width)* 513mm(height)
Delivery Time
5 working days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
Product Description

automated visual field test machine medical examination equipment


The Visual Field Analyzer (BIO-1000/BIO-1000-Plus) instrument belongs to the category of medical examination equipment. It is an important means to determine the development of glaucoma, optic chiasm damage, neurological disease, toxic amblyopia, retinal disease, choroidal disease and other diseases by alignment the change of visual field. This product For scientific research, teaching, and clinical use. Perimeter is suitable for auxiliary diagnosis of glaucoma. This method is fast, but less reliable, and is mainly used for eye disease screening. B. Threshold examination, which is the most accurate visual field quantitative examination, has the disadvantage that the examination takes about 15min for each eye and the patient is prone to fatigue. C. Rapid threshold examination, through intelligent trend analysis, reduces the examination steps and only takes 5min for each eye examination.




Testing scope 90°
Testing distance 30CM
Background light white31.5asb,yellow315asb
Visual target 0.08asb---10000asb(0-51DB)
Target size GoldmannⅠ, II ,III,IV,V
Visual target stimulation time 200ms
Visual target interval time Standard and custom
Threshold policy Macula,10-2,24-2,30-2,60-4,nasal side
Upper threshold policy C-40,C-64,C-76,FF-81,FF-120,FF-135……
Special detection strategy Esterman monocular,Esterman binocular,upper36°screening,blind point testing
Yellow-blue testing Standard 440nm blue visual target + 315asb OG530yellow background brightness
Visual target Red ,blue
Dynamic policy Standard dynamic,blind dynamic,dark spot dynamic ,straight line dynamic
Custom policy Static custom dynamic custom
Pupil size measurement Auto
Fixation monitoring Physiological blind spot monitoring,eye position monitoring,eye position moving alarm,eye tracking curve
Environment light testing Auto
Analysis software reliability analysis , single report, triple report, GHT glaucoma semi vision report, GPA glaucoma developing analysis, VFI analysis, Blue-yellow analysis
System Win7 above
Size 412mm(length)* 497mm(width)* 513mm(height)
Wight 17kg

100-240V HZ:50-60Hz


Feature of Perimetry Test Machine
* Strictly implement international high standards in technology.
* The database is very rich and complete, identifying more subtle early visual field defects.
* It is easier to diagnose glaucoma by analyzing the half vision of glaucoma.
* GPA analysis of glaucoma progression was upgraded, and mild glaucoma developed significantly.

Perimetry Test Machine features the followingEasy operation

 Touch screen design speeds data input.
 Menu and icon commands simplify operation.
 On-screen video eye monitor is standard on all models.
 Confirmation screens reduce unintentional data loss.
A keyboard and trackball or mouse can be connected to the Visual Field Analyzer as optional
datainput devices.


Purpose of visual field examination

  • Diagnosing ocular diseases, especially glaucoma.
  • Evaluating neurological diseases.
  • Monitoring the progress of ocular and neurological diseases.


Automated Visual Perimetry Test Machine 240V Medical Examination Equipment 0
Company Introduction
Automated Visual Perimetry Test Machine 240V Medical Examination Equipment 1
Focusing on the two major public health problems of adolescent myopia and elderly ophthalmology, our company researches new diagnostic and treatment equipment for ophthalmology, develops low-cost applicable technology products, realizes industrialization, reduces the cost of social medical and health system, and serves the strategic needs of national health.The company always adhere to the "high-tech,new vision" for the enterprise development concept.We have a strong technical force, has been awarded 11 patents, and obtained 13,485 quality system certification.Bio has established an efficient marketing team and a perfect after-sales service system to provide medical equipment with the highest cost performance and meticulous service.
Automated Visual Perimetry Test Machine 240V Medical Examination Equipment 2

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