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Automatic Calculation Ultrasonic B Scanner 110dB With Intelligent Digital Software

Automatic Calculation Ultrasonic B Scanner 110dB With Intelligent Digital Software

110dB Ultrasonic B Scanner

Automatic Calculation Ultrasonic Scanner

Ultrasonic Scanner With Digital Software

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Product Details
Product Name:
Quantel Same Software Ophthalmic Ultrasonic Scanner
Gain Adjustment:
Measuring Error:
Power Supply:
100~240V 50/60V
Probe Frequency:
Measuring Mode:
Measuring Range:
Over 5mm-40mm
Measuring Type:
Length Of Optic Axis , Automatic Calculation , Result Analysis Auto
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
340mm(L) x 320mm(W) x 115mm(H)
Delivery Time
5 working days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
Product Description

Ultrasonic A/B Scanner with advanced intelligent digital software CE

introduced of Ultrasonic Scanner

RetiWave1000 ophthalmic AB ultrasound diagnostic instrument is a complete ultrasound system, which has the following basic functions:

1. A super function is the measurement of eye axis length.

2. B ultrasonic function is fan scan.

3. IOL calculation function USES 6 formulas to calculate the artificial crystal.


Technical Data


A Scan biometry
Probe frequency 10MHz
Measuring mode contact
Measuring range Over 5mm-40mm
Measuring error ≤±0.05mm
Measuring type Length of optic axis , automatic calculation , result analysis auto ,
Image freezing auto+preservable, manual
Intraocular lens implantation (IOL)formula SRK-T, SRX II, HOLLADAY, BINKHORST-II, HOFFER-Q,HAIGIS
Gain 20-110dB
Time gain adjustment 0-30dB
B Scan patterns
Probe frequency 10MHz
Probing depth ≥50mm
Axial Resolution ≤0.2mm
Lateral resolution ≤0.3mm
Gain adjustment 20-110dB
Time gain adjustment 0-30dB
Operation mode Eyecup, gel, aqueous capsule
Post-processing measuring tools Area, length, mark and annotation
Review 100 images available
Size 340mm*320mm*115mm
weight 10kg
Power supply 100-240V 50/60Hz



A super wave is the abbreviation of type A ultrasonic wave.Ultrasonic A/B Scanner is used to detect the echo of sound wave according to the relation between time and amplitude of sound wave. Its positioning accuracy is relatively high. When ultrasound beam spread in the body's tissues to meet different acoustic impedance of the two layers of adjacent dielectric interface, produce reflection echo on the interface, each interface, generate an echo, the echo on the oscilloscope screen in the form of wave, according to the acoustic impedance of interface on both sides of the medium range, the echo amplitude is higher; On the contrary, the smaller the acoustic impedance difference is, the lower the echo amplitude is. If the ultrasonic wave propagates in homogeneous medium without interface, that is, when the acoustic impedance difference is zero, it will present a flat section without echo. The echo is arranged on the baseline in the form of wave peak according to the return time. The higher the echo, the higher the wave peak. The formation of one-dimensional images by a-mode ultrasound is difficult to explain the pathological changes, but has A high ability of tissue discrimination. A has high super axial resolution and can display the length of eye axis by LCD digital. The working principle of b-mode ultrasonic instrument is basically the same as a-mode ultrasound instrument. It is by sending a group of ultrasonic waves to the human body, scanning in a certain direction, judging the distance and nature of human tissue according to the extension time and intensity of monitoring its echo, and then forming intuitive two-dimensional ultrasonic images through electronic circuits and computer processing. Generally, the working process is as follows: when the probe receives the excitation pulse, it will transmit ultrasonic waves (at the same time, the probe is controlled by the focusing delay circuit to realize acoustic focusing of sound waves), and then receive the reflected echo signals after a period of delay. The echo signal received by the probe is processed by filtering, logarithmic amplification, etc., then digital signal is transformed by DSC circuit to form digital signal, further image processing is carried out under the control of CPU, and then sent to the display to form b-mode image.




1) 12.1" color and touch screen .

2) Ultrasonic Scanner With the same software as Quantel , top one in China

With advanced intelligent digital software and parameters of freezed and Stored images could be adjusted voluntarily.

3) Can have different results on the report according to different constants A

Scan A measures data for every part of the eyeball as anterior chamber depth, lens thickness axial length and so on which are needed in ophthalmic surgeries , and calculates IOL by axial length.

4) B scanner use electromagnetic ,better save B probe life .

Scan B displays profile images of the eyeball clearly and directly. Scanning anatomical forms and nidi inside the eyeball, doctors can diagnose accurately for examination of cataract , vitreous body disease, ocular trauma,detachment of retina or choroid , macula disease , and intraocular tumor, etc

5) B scanner ,video playbackof 100 images.

6) A scanner , one group with 10 data to get average ,At the same time the accuracy is 0.05mm

Automatic Calculation Ultrasonic B Scanner 110dB With Intelligent Digital Software 0







AB-1000 Quantel same software ophthalmic ultrasound ab Scan


Company Introduction

Automatic Calculation Ultrasonic B Scanner 110dB With Intelligent Digital Software 2

Focusing on the two major public health problems of adolescent myopia and elderly ophthalmology, our company researches new diagnostic and treatment equipment for ophthalmology, develops low-cost applicable technology products, realizes industrialization, reduces the cost of social medical and health system, and serves the strategic needs of national health.The company always adhere to the "high-tech,new vision" for the enterprise development concept.We have a strong technical force, has been awarded 11 patents, and obtained 13,485 quality system certification.Bio has established an efficient marketing team and a perfect after-sales service system to provide medical equipment with the highest cost performance and meticulous service.

Automatic Calculation Ultrasonic B Scanner 110dB With Intelligent Digital Software 3

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