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Fuse Type Automated Perimetry Test Machine 240V Multiple Report Analysis

Fuse Type Automated Perimetry Test Machine 240V Multiple Report Analysis

Fuse Type Automated Perimetry Test Machine

240V Automated Perimetry Test Machine

Multiple Report Analysis Perimetry Test Machine

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Product Details
Product Name:
Provide Multiple Report Analysis Automatic Computer Perimeter
Input Power Of The Equipment:
300 VA
Fuse Element::
Fuse Type T2AL250V
100- -240V,50-60Hz
Provide Multiple Report Analysis
Classified By Operation Mode:
Intermittent Loading And Continuous Operation
Inspection Range:
Inspection Distance:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
412mm ( length) * 497mm ( width) * 513mm ( height )
Delivery Time
5 working days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
Product Description

peripheral vision test machine beautiful software interface multiple report analysis


BIO-1000 automatic computer vision instrument is developed by our R&D team to absorb the advantages of international advanced models. It integrates sound, light, mechanical and electrical technologies, adopts international general random detection mode for visual marking, and has a wide examination range (0-90°) to help doctors to judge the patient's eye condition more comprehensively.Automated Perimetry Machine Adopt the high-end computer configuration, compared with the domestic similar products, stability, reliability is higher.Support Windows XP, Win7 platform, beautiful software interface, simple operation, easy to learn and use.According to international standards, it provides a very comprehensive software testing program and multiple report analysis to assist in the diagnosis of diseases related to visual impairment and help to make a more accurate diagnosis
 Automated Perimetry Machine Specifications:

Basic specification

Provide multiple report analysis ​ Automated Perimetry Machine

Inspection range


Inspection distance


Background light brightness

White 31.5asb

Visual target brightness

1asb--- -10000asb

Visual target size


Visual target interval time


Visual target interval time

Standard or adjustment according to patient reflection

Threshold test model

Center5-°16, center10° -68, 24 -2, 30-2, 30° -60° nasal step

Upper Threshold test model

30°- 40, 30°-76, P-60, 60°-81, 60°-120,190°-135 nasal side

Special detection strategy

Esterman monocular, Esterman binocular . user- customized test, 150P driver monocular fast detection, 150P driver monocular standard detection , upper 36 detection, blind spot detection,150horizontal straightness detection

Pupil size test


Fixation monitoring

Blind spot monitoring , eye position eye position deviation alarm, eye deviation curve

Environment light detection


Analysis software

Reliability analysis , single vision report, triple vision report, GPA half vision analysis, GPA glaucoma developing analysis , VFI vision index analysis

Operation system

Win7 above


Automated Perimetry Machine
1. Comprehensive real-time monitoring, heiji-krakau physiological blind spot monitoring. Gaze tracking/head position tracking, automatic measurement of pupil diameter, reduce the impact of pupil effect on visual field detection.
2. Personalized design, accurate clinical analysis, accurate and rapid examination strategy.
3. Under international Goldman standard, providing a variety of calssic test procedures and report analysis.

Background brightness and test stimulus brightness of the product are measured at the position of the pupil of the patient's eye.
1.1 background brightness
Background light: white with backlight intensity of 10 CD /m2.
1.2 test stimuli are within the tolerance range specified in table 1.

1Parameter of stimulus

1Background light,Fuse Type Automated Perimetry Test Machine 240V Multiple Report Analysis 0Fuse Type Automated Perimetry Test Machine 240V Multiple Report Analysis 1+25%,-20%
2Contrast ,Fuse Type Automated Perimetry Test Machine 240V Multiple Report Analysis 2Fuse Type Automated Perimetry Test Machine 240V Multiple Report Analysis 3Background white,stimulus whiteTolerance +25%,-20%
3Stimulus position0°~10°:≤0.5°
4Stimulus sizePoint angle:+20%,-15%
5Interval time200ms, ±20%
6Scope of backgroundMost of the peripheral stimulus points do not exceed 2° beyond the boundary
7Stimulus shapeThe ratio of the short axis length to the long axis length of the stimulus points is shown in table 2


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