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Semi Vision Test Projection Perimeter Equipment Analysis Computer Automated 60Hz

Semi Vision Test Projection Perimeter Equipment Analysis Computer Automated 60Hz

Semi Vision Test Projection Perimeter Equipment

Computer Automated Projection Perimeter Equipment

60Hz Projection Perimeter Equipment

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Product Details
Product Name:
GHT Glaucoma Semi Vision Analysis Projection Perimeter
Protection Against Electrical Shock.:
Class I
Mode Of Operation:
Continuous Operation
100-240V HZ:50-60Hz
Testing Scope:
Testing Distance:
GHT Glaucoma Semi Vision Analysis
Degree Of Protection Against Ingress Of Liquids:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
412mm(length)* 497mm(width)* 513mm(height)
Delivery Time
5 working days
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
Product Description

peripheral vision test equipment computer automated perimeter Easy operation


 Operation instructions: Register the patient information and improve the patient information form.
 Operation steps:
 In the main menu,Click on the New New inspection button.
 From the Patient Management screen, input patient data (Serial number, First name, Family name, Sex, Eye, date of birth, Doctor,ID).
 Enter spherical mirror, cylindrical mirror, and axial again. Click the Calculation button, Press the Start Check button enter the Examine Screen.

Projected Perimeter Feature
* Strictly implement the international high standard technology.
*The database is so rich and complete that it can identify more subtle early visual field defects.
*Glaucoma can be diagnosed more easily by analyzing the glaucoma's half vision.
*GPA analysis upgrades for glaucoma progression, with significant progression of mild glaucoma.
The instrument should also be placed out of direct sunlight.
*In order to ensure smooth operation, install the instrument on a level floor without vibration.
Also, don't put anything on the instrument.
*Connect all cables properly before use.
*Use a power supply under the rated voltage.
*When not in use, turn off the power and put on the rubber cap and dust cover.


Testing scope 90°
Testing distance 30CM
Background light white31.5asb,yellow315asb
Visual target 0.08asb---10000asb(0-51DB)
Target size GoldmannⅠ, II ,III,IV,V
Visual target stimulation time 200ms
Visual target interval time Standard and custom
Threshold policy Macula,10-2,24-2,30-2,60-4,nasal side
Upper threshold policy C-40,C-64,C-76,FF-81,FF-120,FF-135……
Special detection strategy Esterman monocular,Esterman binocular,upper 36°screening,blind point testing
Yellow-blue testing Standard 440nm blue visual target + 315asb OG530yellow background brightness
Visual target Red ,blue
Dynamic policy Standard dynamic,blind dynamic,dark spot dynamic ,straight line dynamic
Custom policy Static custom dynamic custom
Pupil size measurement Auto
Fixation monitoring Physiological blind spot monitoring,eye position monitoring,eye position moving alarm,eye tracking curve
Environment light testing Auto
Analysis software reliability analysis , single report, triple report, GHT glaucoma semi vision report, GPA glaucoma developing analysis, VFI analysis, Blue-yellow analysis
System Win7 above
Size 412mm(length)* 497mm(width)* 513mm(height)
Wight 17kg

100-240V HZ:50-60Hz


Technical Features:
*Strictly implement Goldman Sachs International Standards.
*Halogen projection system: The stimulating light source comes from the broadband visible spectrum, fully satisfying the stimulation of colored cone cells.
* Accurate and granular database of normal population in all age groups, identifying more subtle early visual field defects.
*GHT glaucoma hemivision analysis, making glaucoma diagnosis easier.
*GPA glaucoma progress analysis upgrade, mild glaucoma
The development is obvious.
*Standard SWAP blue-yellow perimetry, sensitive to early visual field defects.
*Scientific and intelligent interactive detection strategy, it only takes 3 minutes to detect the 30° field of view.
*Simple one-stop modular software design, it only takes 2 minutes to learn how to operate the equipment.


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Company Introduction
Semi Vision Test Projection Perimeter Equipment Analysis Computer Automated 60Hz 1
Focusing on the two major public health problems of adolescent myopia and elderly ophthalmology, our company researches new diagnostic and treatment equipment for ophthalmology, develops low-cost applicable technology products, realizes industrialization, reduces the cost of social medical and health system, and serves the strategic needs of national health.The company always adhere to the "high-tech,new vision" for the enterprise development concept.We have a strong technical force, has been awarded 11 patents, and obtained 13,485 quality system certification.Bio has established an efficient marketing team and a perfect after-sales service system to provide medical equipment with the highest cost performance and meticulous service.
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